Can You Use Mr. Clean on Hardwood Floors?

The expensive, luxurious feel of real hardwood floors may make you hesitant to use something as inexpensive as Mr. Clean on them. But is this instinct correct? Can you use Mr. Clean on hardwood floors? 

You can use Mr. Clean on your hardwood floors in moderation with dry cleaning techniques. It’s suitable for your fragile flooring and won’t damage the wood. Just be sure your floors are completely dry and don’t use very much water or solution to prevent mold or mildew from gathering.

Below, I’ll discuss the ins and outs of cleaning hardwood floors. I’ll also discuss how you can determine whether or not a cleaning solution is safe for your floors.

Is Mr. Clean Safe for Hardwood Floors?

There are many consequences to not taking care of your hardwood floors. You can strip them of their sealing with the wrong chemicals or risk rot if you don’t dry them just so.

Hardwood floors are a gorgeous, natural highlight for any home. They’re also quite literally the stomping grounds of an entire household. Muddy puppy paws, the scraping legs of furniture, and the occasional broken glass can easily impact wood floors.

Because you have to be so cautious, it’s natural to wonder if discount cleaners like Mr. Clean are safe for hardwood floors. It’s especially hard to believe Mr. Clean is okay for your floors when there are so many high-end, expensive hardwood floor cleaners online.

Mr. Clean is safe for hardwood floors and can even help you rid your flooring of any scuffs. Using the cleaning solution or the magic eraser tool will help keep your hardwood floors looking new.

The magic eraser is a great tool for getting any scuff marks from furniture or shoes off the floor, and you simply need water to use it. Just dip the eraser in some water and then swipe away, adding a little elbow grease. Once your scuffs have disappeared, you can check the floor to ensure it dries. You can also use a towel to dry it.

If you want to clean dust, dirt, or spills off your floor, do the following:

  1. Use a regular mop and add some Mr. Clean magic eraser solution.
  2. Mix the product with water and mop your floor.
  3. Ensure your floor is completely dry and doesn’t absorb any water. When it comes to hardwood floors, less is more.

Try Dry Cleaning Methods for Your Hardwood Floors

The NWFA suggests dust mopping your floors and cleaning up any messes with a dry or damp towel. After long exposures to heavy water, hardwood floors can become damaged.

Generally, they suggest using an acceptable hardwood cleaning solution only monthly, so your hardwood floor isn’t getting too much exposure to the elements. That’s understandably unrealistic for those with pets or toddlers. It’s suggested to clean up any messes with a dry cloth as much as possible and then switch to a damp mop or cloth.

For hardwood floors, it’s suggested not to use alkaline products, ammonia, or natural remedies like vinegar and lemon, as long-term exposure can damage the floor. Oils, waxes, and furniture sprays should also be avoided. Experts suggest just using water, an approved cleaning solution, or water with a tiny bit of soap.

In addition to regular maintenance like sweeping, dusting, and mopping, hardwood floors typically need refinishing every few years. Hardwood floors are a beautiful and sometimes expensive investment, so being cautious about your cleaning routine will ensure the longevity of their use in your home.

Use Mr. Clean on Hardwood Floors

Mr. Clean can be used on hardwood floors, but make sure you use the right kind. It’s suggested that you use a magic eraser or the magic eraser solution. Formulas like multi-purpose or antibacterial are filled with chemicals that can damage your floor.

When using Mr. Clean, also ensure you’re getting your proportions just right. Less is more when it comes to cleaning your hardwood floors. Using just a little bit of water, or better yet, trying to clean any messes you can with just a rag or broom at first, can increase the lifespan of your hardwood floors.

While Mr. Clean is safe to use on your hardwood floors, consider getting the hardwood floor solution that your installer suggested. Different hardwood brands might suggest different products, and they usually aren’t very expensive. Even the ones with the heftier price tags help you avoid needing a new floor anytime soon.

What Should You Use to Clean Your Hardwood Floors?

As discussed above, Mr. Clean is a safe solution to put on your floors. But is it the best cleaning solution?

You should use dry cleaning methods and the solution your installer suggested to clean your hardwood floors. Just a little bit of soap and water can also help in a pinch. Most cleaning should be done dry as long-term exposure to water can damage your floors.

Sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting are some easy ways to clean your hardwood floor. Most messes should be able to come up with dry cleaning products.

However, sometimes we spill things that get sticky or have a mess that only a little liquid help can fix. In this case, you should find the cleaning solution suggested by your hardwood floor installer or a hardwood floor expert. Again, Mr. Clean’s official website suggests using a small ratio of their magic eraser solution to clean floors.

Another important factor to consider is your priorities about using greener products in your home. If you’re interested in having fewer chemicals in your products and going “green,” you should check out hardwood floor solutions that are considered eco-friendly. A common homemade solution for floors is vinegar and lemon, but exposure to both can damage your floor in the long run.

Additionally, every few years, you should plan on getting your hardwood floors refinished.


You can use Mr. Clean on hardwood floors safely. However, Mr. Clean isn’t the ideal cleaning solution for keeping your hardwood floors mess-free. The truth is, the best cleaning solution for your floors is none at all.

Try to dry clean your floors with a broom, vacuum, or dust rags as often as possible. Use water and a safe ammonia-free cleaning solution whenever you need a little backup.