Where to Get Rid of an Old Microwave (Microwave Disposal)

Getting rid of an old microwave.

Microwave ovens are classified as either electronic or universal waste, depending on the norms used by the states & local laws. Many states prohibit residents and businesses from putting microwaves into regular trash or garbage. So, where can you dispose of your microwave?

You can recycle or repurpose a microwave, sell or donate it, or use a take-back program of manufacturers, utility companies, and retail stores. Check if your local laws permit microwave disposal at landfills. Also, consider electronic shops and online marketplaces.

Microwave ovens are hazardous due to the high voltage transformers, and the capacitors can retain significant charge after you stop using the appliance. Don’t attempt to repair or take apart a microwave unless you have the requisite training. Consider safe disposal options in this guide.

Best Places to Get Rid of Your Microwave

Contact E-Waste Recyclers

These are outfits that pick up e-waste like your microwave from commercial customers. You get the option of dropping it off at their office or having them pick it up from you.

Speak With the Microwave Manufacturer

You can also dispose of your microwave with the manufacturers. Some of the popular microwave brands will repurpose the metal parts and circuitry of your microwave. It is a great option to explore, especially if you are looking to get another microwave from the same company and repurpose them for other purposes.

Consider Electronic Stores’ Programs

This is a great place to dispose of a relatively new microwave you are looking to get rid of. Depending on the condition of the microwave, these stores can even recycle your microwaves for you.

Consult With Utility Companies

Your local utility company might be another excellent option for you to dispose of your microwave. These companies often collect old, inefficient microwave ovens, and this service comes in handy if you intend to replace the microwave with them.

Find Reuse Electronic Shops

These are places that can fix your microwave and sell them for you. In some instances, they take it apart to retrieve those parts that could be used as spare parts.

Check With Retail Stores

Some big retailer brands provide e-waste drop-off boxes where you could quickly drop off your microwave oven whenever you choose to. You might need to make inquiries first.

Explore Online Marketplaces

These are places where you can either sell or donate your old but functional microwave oven. One of such places is Craig’s list.

Donate It

Alternatively, you may donate the microwave. You may choose a local charity. Non-government organizations, charitable trusts, and voluntary associations often have programs to collect old appliances. You don’t have to pay anything to dispose of, repair, or repurpose the microwave.

Can You Dump the Microwave at a Landfill?

Verify your local laws to determine if you can dump the microwave at a landfill nearby. State laws and local municipal authorities may prevent you from disposing of a microwave in the routine trash. Reconfirm this with your garbage collection service.

Even if you’re unable to put a microwave in the trash, you can check with the garbage collection or junk removal service whether or not they can pick up the microwave separately. Some places and garbage collection companies have designated e-waste centers and dumpsters.

Check with your municipality if there’s an e-waste collection facility where you can drop off a microwave. Reconfirm the local landfill laws before you decide, as some states and local governments distinguish them from incinerators. Such authorities may make it mandatory for residents to dispose of a microwave for incineration and not dumped at a general landfill.

Microwave Disposal: Final Words

E-waste recyclers and take-back and recycling programs are the safest and convenient options for a broken microwave. Online marketplaces, reuse electronic shops, and garage or yard sales are better options for working microwaves and those with some value in the scrap metal & parts.

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