What Materials Are Used for Bed Frames?

Next, let me give a more specific breakdown of the different materials bed frames on the market can be made of and the comparative advantages and drawbacks of each option.

Manufacturers of bed frames use either wood or metal materials. You can generally divide wood bed frames into two groups: Hardwoods and softwoods. In contrast, most metal bed frames consist of steel, with expensive models including iron and brass components.

Below, I’ll go more into detail about these distinctions and why they’re essential when choosing which material you want your bed frame to feature.

Types of Wood Bed Frames

At this point, you might be asking: What are the primary differences between hardwoods and softwoods, and how do you know which one your bed frame should use?

Hardwoods include oak, maple, mahogany, and rosewood materials.

Hardwoods (also known as solid woods) are generally of higher quality and feature a more attractive appearance than softwoods. This option is probably the ideal choice if the quality of your bed frame material is of essential importance.

Softwoods (e.g., pine, redwood, ash, and birch), on the other hand, are often cheaper and make for a better option if you’re working with a lower budget.

Types of Metal Bed Frames

Metal bed frame materials are less varied than wood bed frame materials, but there are still some critical differences to keep in mind.

The vast majority of metal bed frames you can purchase have a steel construction. Steel is an optimal choice for a bed frame due to its durability, strength, and relative lightness compared to wood.

That said, not every metal bed frame consists exclusively of steel. Pricier frames of a higher design quality sometimes include brass and iron additions, including the headboard or footboard.

While these high-quality frames seldom consist entirely of novelty metals like brass, the varied components help make them stand out and add to their aesthetic value. For instance, a structure consistent with the same material might not look as pleasant as one with a brass headboard.

Sturdiest Type of Bed Frame

Now that we’ve put a pin in the issue of the differences in material between the two types of bed frames, let’s focus on a critical quality most people buying a frame look for — strength.

While not every single frame of a type will be stronger than all the frames of another kind, we can generally say that there’s the strongest, most durable material for your bed frame is wood.

I’ve already explained where wooden bed frames get their strength from, but there’s another question you might be wondering: What about bed frame designs? Is a platform frame, for example, sturdier than a box spring frame?

Platform bed frames do, indeed, seem to be stronger than other types of structures.

This strength isn’t because of any material advantage, but rather because platform frames have the added support of both a platform and their frequent use of slats. This structural advantage gives them the stability that box spring frames might lack.