How to Reheat a Sandwich in an Air Fryer: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re like me, you love a good sandwich. But sometimes, leftovers don’t taste as good as they did the first time. Enter the air fryer: the perfect tool for reheating your favorite sandwiches.

In this article, I’ll share my tips and tricks for getting your sandwich to come out of the air fryer hot, crispy, and delicious. So whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or an easy dinner option, read on for my guide to the perfect air-fried sandwich.

1.  Preheat the Air Fryer

Preheat the air fryer to 177 Degrees Celsius (350ºF). This will only take a few minutes. Some air fryers are stronger in Watts than others, but 177 Degrees C (350ºF) is usually the standard setting.

Why Use an Air Fryer and Not the Microwave?

Heating a sandwich can be done in various ways, with two standard methods: the microwave and the air fryer. Unfortunately, while heating a sandwich is fast and easy, a microwave is known to be less healthy than an air fryer.

Air frying sandwiches use minimum oil so that the sandwiches remain low-fat and are less oily than those cooked in a deep fryer. Additionally, air fryers typically cook food faster than microwaves and use far less energy, making them an economically positive choice for the user.

Moreover, food cooked in an air fryer retains its flavor and has a crispy exterior that makes it look like it was freshly made. Therefore, opting for an air fryer over a microwave is the way to go if you’re looking for a healthy and tasty way to heat your sandwich.

Two Different Types of Air Fryers

Basket air fryers and oven air fryers may look similar but serve different functions. The obvious difference between the two is that a basket air fryer has a basket to hold food, while an oven air fryer must have food placed directly onto the tray it comes with.

Basket Air Fryer

The main difference between the two is their capacity. Basket air fryers are smaller, with a maximum capacity of 51 to 145 oz (1.5 to 4L), which means they are better suited for cooking meals for a single person or a small family.

In terms of price, basket air fryers are also cheaper than their oven counterparts due to their smaller sizes and limited functions.

Oven Air Fryer

On the other hand, oven air fryers have much larger capacities of 145 to 406 oz (4L to 12L), making them better for cooking meals at once – perfect for large families. Also, oven air fryers can be used as both an oven and an air fryer, while basket ones do one or the other.

It doesn’t matter which one you use to heat your sandwich. If you have one or the other already at home, you can use these easy steps similarly.

2.  Choose the Right Container

Some people prefer baking paper, which is easy to tear off and then throw away after usage. At the same time, others prefer reusable silver containers that are washable.

Whatever your preference, make sure that the container your sandwich is in can fit into the fryer and has enough space for the heat to circulate.

3.  Prepare the Container

Spray the container or tray with non-stick cooking spray or oil to prevent sticking. There’s no need to spray the baking paper as it already has a cooking substance.

4.  Heat the Sandwich

This is the exciting part! Put the sandwich into the air fryer for about 4 minutes on each side.

What Is Inside Your Sandwich?

Reheating a sandwich can be a great way to enjoy a quick hot lunch. However, most people need to be aware of the variety of sandwich fillings that can or cannot be reheated in an air fryer. These are just some suggestions and friendly reminders.

Types of Sandwich Filling Can Be Reheated?

Roast beef, turkey, and pulled pork can all make an excellent reheatable sandwich; these meats should first be cooked and cooled before they are placed on bread to be microwaved.

Additionally, some types of cheese, such as Brie or goat cheese, give sandwiches extra flavor when melted. At the same time, vegetables like onions and peppers provide texture and taste when heated up.

For those looking to try something different, tons of delicious spreads are available, such as garlic aioli and hummus, which taste amazing after being microwaved to perfection.

Types of Sandwich Filling That Should Avoid Reheating?

Regarding sandwich fillings, certain items should avoid reheating due to safety concerns. This does not mean you cannot do it, but be mindful.

Deli meats like ham or turkey, fish or seafood, and eggs should not be in the oven or microwave to warm up. Not only can this make them unsafe to eat due to potential food poisoning, but it also can make for an unpleasant texture and taste.

Better choices for sandwich fillings that can be safely reheated include:

  • Grilled vegetables.
  • Cooked lean beef or pork.
  • Cheeses.
  • Even pre-cooked pasta with sauces.

Some people heat up foods like seafood and eggs, but that does not mean they would get sick.

Should I Heat My Whole Sandwich or Just the Filling?

With this method, the entire sandwich gets cooked. Heating the filling alone will not create that same warm and crunchy texture as heating the whole sandwich. However, you can get perfectly crisp edges and a warm center in an air fryer.

Air frying your sandwich also seals in flavor better than just microwaving it or popping it in the oven. Not only does air frying cook quickly and efficiently, but it’s also healthy since no additional oil or butter is required to get that wonderfully crisp exterior.

5.  Get the Extra Crisp

If you want it extra crispy, brush some olive oil over the top of the bread before putting it in for a delightfully crunchy experience. I suggest first heating your sandwich for 4 minutes on each side and then adding the brush of olive oil.

This will prevent the bread from becoming soggy and too oily. You can then leave it in the air fryer for another 2 – 3 minutes on each side until nicely toasted to your liking.

Other Creative Ideas to Make Your Sandwich Extra Crispy

Cooking a sandwich in an air fryer has become a trendy and efficient way to enjoy a delicious meal quickly, but some sandwiches can benefit from added crispiness. Getting that crispy finish is easier than it may seem!

For starters, sprinkle a light layer of Parmesan cheese onto the top slice of the sandwich before you place it in the air fryer. The cheese will melt and give your sandwich a golden brown finish while keeping it moist.

An additional trick is to spread some butter around the outside of your sandwich before you put it into the air fryer — this will help ensure an even crisp all around.

Lastly, adding garlic powder or herbs like oregano or basil is an excellent way to flavor and spice up your sandwich before cooking.

6.  Monitor Your Sandwich

Observe your sandwich to ensure it does not burn. Remember this step! What I love about my air fryer is the fact that it has a clock setting. This will prevent me from forgetting about my sandwich.

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Burnt Bread

Eating burnt bread can be tempting due to its appealing aroma and flavor, but it carries risks that you should be aware of. Burnt bread contains a carcinogen called Acrylamide which has been linked to various health issues.

Additionally, since burned food is typically dry and complex, it can be tough to digest properly- thus making the consumed burnt bread much less nutritious and potentially harmful in some cases.

For these reasons, it’s best to avoid eating burnt bread and opt for better nourishing options.

7.  Remove the Sandwich

When you’re satisfied with how crispy it is, remove the sandwich from the air fryer with tongs or an oven mitt and set it aside on another plate.

I prefer putting it on a wooden cutting board or a baking tray. This will prevent any “sweating” from your sandwich.

8.  Cool Down

Let it cool down slightly – but not too much, as you don’t want it to get cold again! You also want to avoid burning your tongue if you eat it immediately.

9.  Enjoy Your Sandwich

This is the best part and what you have been waiting for! So enjoy every delicious bite while it’s hot!

And that is it. Hopefully, you found these tips and tricks easy to use. You can now heat your sandwich, make it crispy creatively, and enjoy it.