How to Hang Things on Brick Walls Without Drilling

Decorating your home isn’t an easy job and following the latest minimalist trends can make it even trickier. Dressing up your bare brick walls without drilling or doing much damage can mess with your mind instead.

The best way to hang things on brick walls is either by using brick hooks or brick hangers. Both options are durable and easy to install. In many aspects, such as the ability to line them up or reuse them, they can even serve you better than other solutions.

Use Brick Hooks/Clips

What’s wonderful about these brick hooks is that they won’t damage your brick walls in any way. All you need to do is place your hook over one brick, adjusting its edges.

You can even line up a couple of hooks and use them for hanging wreaths or Christmas lights.

What’s more, you can always reuse them whenever and wherever you like. You can find some additional tips on setting them up here.

Use Brick Hangers

In case you have nothing against using pins and leaving tiny marks on your wall, these brick hangers can be a great solution.

The pins are made of stainless steel, which makes the entire structure hold well. Therefore, you can use brick hangers to hang picture frames, planters, mirrors as well as other heavier items.

Do Command Strips Work on Brick?

Command strips are a simple and elegant solution when it comes to flat surfaces such as tiles, glass, metal, or even smooth wood. They are easy to attach and don’t leave a mess behind.

However, using them on brick can be tricky and you should avoid it.

The reason is that brick walls aren’t as smooth as normal walls. Also, you’ll need to take care of the gaps between the bricks.