The Best Way to Attach Acoustic Foam to Walls (No Damage)

Installing acoustic foam panels.

It is really important to attach acoustic foam panels to your wall correctly in order to prevent sound reflections. And while the go-to solutions would be glue or nails, those will most likely damage the walls and anger your landlord. Therefore, you should use command strips and other noninvasive hanging kits.

Use Command Strips

Command strips allow you to mount almost anything on your wall without leaving any marks or holes. Even though they have adhesive on both sides, command strips are specially designed to avoid damaging the walls.

And since they have velcro hooks, you can easily use them to attach and detach pictures, art, and even acoustic foam panels to your walls. However, before you use command strips, remember to clean them using rubbing alcohol to remove any dust that could lower the gripping power.

So how can you use them?

All you have to do is to remove the adhesive cover from one side and press the command strip onto the foam panel. Then, remove the other cover, stick the strip to the wall and simply press on the panel to mount it. Remember to firmly press on the panel for about thirty seconds to prevent it from falling once you let go.

But how many command strips should I use?

Depending on the size of your acoustic foam panel, four command strips should be enough. Just remember to place the command strips on the four corners of your panel for a more secure grip. And if you’re having trouble using command strips, you can check out this video for a more detailed explanation.

Glue Your Acoustic Foam to a Cardboard

If you want to use fewer command strips, you can use one cardboard and place the foam panels on it. Usually, A1 cardboards should be able to fit at least six foam panels on them with ease. You can also find special cardboard that is designed for art pieces, as it is more durable. Next, you can stick the panels on the cardboard using a spray adhesive and then just clip it on the walls using command strips.

Don’t want to use adhesive when sticking foam to the cardboard? Instead, you can use T-pins to attach cardboard to the back of the foam and just flatten them down afterward. Combine this method with command strips, and you’ve got yourself a reliable way to attach and detach foam panels without ruining the wall.

However, adding cardboard and T-pins will increase the overall weight of the foam panels. As a result, you may need to use heavy-duty command strips since they can hold up to 16 lbs. And like normal command strips, sticking four strips on each corner of the cardboard should do the job just fine.

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