Decorative Air Conditioner Covers for Exterior Units: Top 4 Options

The exterior of your air conditioning unit is vital for exchanging all that hot air for the cool, soothing kind. While exterior units are so functionally essential, they can also be so unbearably ugly that they ruin the aesthetics of your home! There’s a simple solution to that problem – decorative air conditioner covers.

In my opinion, the most decorative air conditioner cover for an exterior unit is the Westberg/Trimble Air Conditioner Cover. This cover is designed to look similar to a vibrant green bush, so it can beautify the looks of your air conditioner. It also blends in perfectly with the outdoors, adding a unique effect!

The decorative quality of an air conditioner cover is only one of many factors to consider when choosing which one to buy. In this article, I’ll explore those factors and recommend the best covers for each use case. Keep reading!

Most Decorative: WestbergTrimble Hedge/Leaf Design Air Conditioner Covers

If your primary goal for getting an air conditioner cover is to improve the aesthetics of your exterior unit, the WestbergTrimble cover is for you! It’s a synthetic cover designed in a beautiful, 3D shrub-like pattern.

Beyond adding overall aesthetic value to your air conditioner’s exterior unit, this cover is excellent for camouflage in a grassy area. For those who would like to make the protrusion of their exterior unit disappear altogether, this is also the perfect cover!

It’s designed to blend in with the environment, so the cover is flat enough to lay flush against the air conditioning unit and create a compelling blend. However, the camouflage effect can only be effective in a grassy plain that blends well with the outlook of the covers.

If your exterior unit isn’t in a grassy area, the WestbergTrimble cover will look like a square-shaped shrub instead of disappearing.

  • Camouflage effect: The WestbergTrimble air conditioner cover has a camouflage effect that can smooth out your air conditioner’s exterior unit into the surrounding landscape. With 3D grasslike protrusions, the cover blends right into the environment! Not many decorative air conditioner covers have this amazing feature, so it’s pretty special!
  • Portable handles: The air-conditioner cover offers a firm grip with one handle on each side. The handles make it very easy to install the cover and even easier to remove it whenever you need to.
  • Pocket-friendly price: The WestbergTrimble cover offers great value at a low price. The cover is super affordable and over ten times cheaper than many alternatives!
  • Synthetic material: Ironically, this air conditioner cover mimics natural plants but is made entirely of synthetic fabric. This means that the cover isn’t biodegradable, so you’ll need to swap it out after some time to avoid polluting the surrounding landscape.
  • Visible weather wear: With time, the bright green design of this cover will start to wear off. The duration it lasts for depends on your environment and the harshness of the elements, but the effect is inevitable. At this point, you can choose to continue using it as a functional cover or swap it out for a new, better-colored one.
  • Weak grip: The WestbergTrimble air conditioner cover only comes in a 32x32x36 inch (81.28×91.44×81.28 cm) size. It has a drawstring you can use to adjust its grip until it fits your exterior unit, but the strong’s grip is quite weak. You may need an extra anchor to hold the cover to your unit.

Best Price: BRIVIC Outdoor Unit AC Covers

The BRIVIC outdoor air conditioner cover is an earth-toned protector for exterior units. The cover is waterproof, so it offers protection from rain, dew, snow, and other wet elements that can damage the internal parts of the exterior unit.

With its plain color and super-tough material, BRIVIC offers excellent functionality at a great price. It can blend in great with an earthy landscape instead of a grassy one.

In non-earthy surroundings, it covers the air conditioner efficiently without being a distraction. The soft brown tone can blend in just about anywhere, so you have no limits with the BRIVIC cover!

  • Tough material: BRIVIC exterior unit covers are made of resistant fabric that can hold up for at least one year, even in harsh weather. Most parts of this material are entirely waterproof, so it keeps debris and moisture from affecting your appliance.
  • Firm anchorage: Unlike the weaker drawstring design, the BRIVIC cover has a cord in its hem for tying down the cover. It also has a buckle for efficiently attaching the tied cord. With these two features, the cover is fairly unshakeable after installation!
  • Large vents: This cover has large vents to limit air condensation and reduce moisture. As hot air from indoors escapes into the exterior unit, it causes the water vapor in the air to condense and wet the covers. With better circulation from a larger vent, condensation of water is reduced.
  • Variety of shapes: BRIVIC covers offer you the advantage of up to 13 size options. Instead of battling to make a generic size fit your external unit, you can select the size closest to your unit to get a near-perfect match.
  • Single color: While it has a variety of sizes, this cover only has one available color – the brown earth tone. If you’re not a fan of the color, you may have to consider other alternatives.
  • Complex installation: The BRIVIC doesn’t have a handle, so taking it on or off is considerably more challenging. The cover also has a ready-made opening for pipes at ground level. If the pipes are above the pre-made opening, installing the cover can become even more tricky.

Most Durable Design: Enclo Premium Vinyl Privacy Screen

Sometimes, potentially flimsy fabric covers just don’t get the job done. This problem can be particularly tricky when your exterior unit is so large that you can’t find a regular cover size that fits. If that’s your situation, what you need is a privacy screen that doubles as a cover!

The Enclo privacy screen doesn’t just hide your unit in plain sight; it beautifies your house! Unlike camouflage covers, this privacy screen isn’t trying to blend in. It offers aesthetic value with its simple white vinyl, so you can leave the screen as it is or paint it to suit the rest of your house.

The Enclo Vinyl privacy screen isn’t made exclusively for air conditioners, so you can include other exterior appliances in it. If you don’t need it for your air conditioner anymore, you can easily move it or convert it for another use!

  • Sturdy: Where fabric air conditioner covers lack solidity, the vinyl structure of this privacy screen offers a sturdy, balanced cover for your exterior unit. This solidity can be particularly useful against the wind, debris, and air-borne weather elements.
  • Easy installation: To install the Enclo privacy screen, you won’t need to do any digging or concrete filling. This easy installation gives it an edge over more complex alternatives.
  • Eco-friendly: Enclo produces its privacy screens using recycled eco-friendly polyvinyl chloride (PVC). To ensure that the screens maintain quality, the recycled PVC is reprocessed and reinforced with solid, environmentally safe additives. This small business also prioritizes a minimal carbon footprint with production machinery.
  • No cover included: The Enclo privacy screen is designed for many purposes, so it doesn’t include a cover for upper protection. To protect your Enclo-covered exterior unit from rain and snow, you’ll have to buy an extra waterproof cover.
  • Requires assembly: The screen comes in a kit of individual parts, so you’ll have to assemble the parts yourself.
  • No individual parts for sale: The individual parts of the privacy screen setup kit are not available for sale. If there’s any damage to the parts of the kit, you may need to devise alternatives or buy a whole new set.

Best Water Resistance: BOLTLINK Outside Unit Air Conditioner Covers

Aside from its decorative qualities, the primary practical function of an air conditioner cover is to protect your exterior unit from damage from water, dirt, and debris. On the scale of this functionality, BOLTLINK Air Conditioner covers take the gold!

The BOLTLINK cover is made of 600D high-resistance Oxford fabric with premium resistance to any harsh material that could damage your air conditioner. It also has multiple fastening straps, a buckle strap, and a drawstring to firmly attach the cover to the exterior unit.

This cover also has net-like mesh vents on both sides. These vents help balance its water resistance with the ventilation your exterior unit needs.

  • Invisible with dirt: The dark, earthy tone of the BOLTLINK Air Conditioner cover makes dirt much less visible. Since the dirt on it isn’t apparent, you can choose to wash the cover at whatever time is convenient for you!
  • Washable: The fabric of the BOLTLINK cover is washable and machine-safe. With some water and laundry detergent, you can get all the dirt and grime out of your cover.
  • Variety of sizes: The BOLTLINK air conditioner cover is available in nine sizes. The wide range allows you to choose a size that matches your unit close enough to give a great fit.
  • Adjustable openings: The fasteners on this cover are made with Velcro, so you can adjust the positions to suit your taste.
  • Complicated drawstring maneuvers: The drawstring for strapping the BOLTLINK air conditioner cover is at the bottom of the cover. Reaching and tightening a string in this position can be pretty inconvenient.
  • Single color: This air conditioner cover does not offer a variety of colors. It prizes functionality over decorativeness, so the single color is quite plain.

Final Thoughts

An air conditioner cover is an excellent investment for protecting your exterior unit from potentially costly damage. While these covers are functional, you can also get a beautiful look out of the protection!